Approximately 39% of the global adult population were classified as overweight (BMI 25.0–29.9 kg/m2) or obese (BMI > 29.9kg/m2) in 2014; a doubling since 1975. Whereas the prevalence of obesity was 6.4% among women and 3.2% among men in 1975, it had risen to 14.9% and 10.8%, respectively by 2014. In developing countries like India, the increasing prevalence of overweight and obesity has coincided with the demographic and epidemiological transitions, in which mortality and fertility have declined, and lifestyle-related diseases have become more common. … The prevalence of overweight and obesity in India is increasing faster than the world average”.

Ref: Forecasting the prevalence of overweight and obesity in India to 2040.

The World Health Organization now considers obesity as a global epidemic and recommends awareness to address this issue. Weight gain is caused by increased energy intake and physical inactivity.

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