The name Edence has been coined from the fusion of two words. ‘Eden’ from the ‘Garden of Eden’ (i.e., the paradise of health and wellness!), and ‘Dence’, extracted from ‘Evidence’. Thus, ‘Edence’ promises a basket of hand-picked, highly recommended Nutraceutical products which are thoroughly backed up by clinical evidences! Thus, ‘experience’ of tradition was run through organized clinical ‘experiments’ over the years and evolved through the endorsement of credible ‘evidences’!

Regarding clinical evidences, plenty of trials on Nutraceuticals have been conducted and published, but not publicized! Beyond protocols for core treatment, there has not been any guideline so far created on the supportive therapy for any disease area! There is practically no formal education imparted on the role / benefits / usage of nutraceiticals (excepting macro or micro nutrients) in medical science curriculum! On the other hand, for the Pharmaceutical industry, promotion of nutraceutical products have never been a priority and focus! As a sequel, disseminating science of nutra and its true clinical evidences were never done with due emphasis!

Edence is a pure-play Nutraceutical! This means that it is only a Nutraceutical company and does not dabble in other causes. Edence is mindful and committed to the unmet need of the practitioners in India in terms of Nutraceuticals, their merit, utilities, evidences and limitations through the lense of various diseases and their holistic management. Edence is dedicated to bring up hidden treasures of evidences of nutra science and put them on the fore to the clinical world of India! It will demand dedicated effort and resources to propagate this knowledge through structured Continuous Medical Education (CME) and other scientific platforms (physical and/or digital). And, this is only possible for a pure-play Nutraceutical company with unstinting commitment to invest time, energy and resources like Edence.

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