Modern research has revealed the exceptional value of many Nutraceutical compounds that bridge us to traditional knowledge. Moreover, new research have discovered many unknown critical roles of these compounds. For instance, we came to know much later that Curcumin is an effective natural anti-inflammatory compound, or the immunity of the elderly drop largely since they reduce consuming protein!

Medical education in many countries have initiated lessons on holistic medicine that include Nutraceuticals and many others. Holistic medicine aims to improve health and wellness through combination of traditional, complementary and alternative medicine. Holistic medicine seeks to prevent us from falling sick! Regulatory bodies are now thinking how to shape such holistic paradigm into real life practice!

Nutraceuticals are progressing into new sciences like, Nutrigenetics or Nutrigenomics. These new sciences promise generally for providing better nutritional advice to the public, individuals and even to the genetic subgroups! This will have a big impact on health, weight, wellness and fitness in future!

The Concept of ‘Preventive to Recovery’ Supplementation

Health solutions can be viewed from the perspective of four distinct purposes/phases. Such a 4-purpose spectrum hypothetically traces our well-being from an healthy individual to someone who is under medical care.


We begin with the healthy, no ailments or health issues. And, we want to remain healthy all our life. So we pop in a few vitamins, proteins, minerals, food additives, probiotics, phytonutrients, etc. Not as a preventive measure for any particular illness, but just to generally keep ourselves healthy and maintain well-being.


    Is there a family trend of any chronic illness, like diabetes? Or there is a hereditary link of neurological diseases like Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s? Or simply someone is prone to frequent diarrhea? These are all risk factors! The idea is consume specific ingredients to boost immunity or provide our systems proactive support to build strong preventive defense against such chronic illness.


      When we fall sick, or suffer from a particular disease, we are prescribed specific medicines as a therapy to treat the illness. Though Nutraceuticals cannot be curative, they work from within to support our system and aid natural ability to fight back and recover. On the other hand, the pharmaceuticals are specific medicines to alleviate the cause of illness. Thus, Nutraceuticals play a supportive role to build a functional synergy with the treatment prescribed. For example, Co enzyme Q10 is a natural energy generator to cells and a powerful antioxidant; this couples with antihypertensives and cardiac ailments to augment therapeutic benefits

      "Curcumin is presumably most effective in reducing triglyceride (TG), while statins are most efficient in lowering low-density lipoproteins-cholesterol (LDL-C). Taken together, curcumin could be used as a safe and well-tolerated adjunct to statins to control hyperlipidaemia more effectively than statins alone." So, these Nutraceuticals are not purely therapeutic as stand-alone solutions. Yet, they play a significant role in the therapeutic processes.


        This band refers to important supportive compounds that are proven to facilitate recovery following a major illness, surgery, etc. For instance, after any physical trauma or accident, or following a surgery, healing becomes the prime goal. The post-operative/event care is solely designed to that objective. Various high energy nutri-drinks containing protein, specific amino acids, carbhydrates, vitamins, minerals are frequently advised for this purpose. Various specific Nutraceutical compounds Curcumin, Resveratrol etc. are also being recommended with specific recuperative goal in mind!

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