Innovative Meal Enhancer for Instant Recovery!
400 gms | 200 gms

Per 50 gm serving contains: Whey Protein Concentrate 16 gm, Ultrasol Curcumin® powder 125 mg (equivalent to Curcuminoids 25 mg), 24 Vitamins and Minerals


Two servings daily.


Recovery and Weight Gain post illness and surgery.


What is it for?

  • InstaRecov helps facilitate recovery and rebuild muscle mass post illness, surgery and also in geriatric people.
  • InstaRecov contains high quality whey protein concentrate (32 gm / 100 gm) for building muscle mass.
  • Contains high calorie content (432 KCal/ 100 gm) which helps in regaining weight and energy post illness and surgery.
  • Contains Ultrasol Curcumin® which helps in reducing oxidative stress , inflammation and immunity for fast recovery.

Benefits of Ingredients

  • High quality protein whey concentrate that is easily absorbed and helps provide all essential amino acids for faster recovery.
  • Ultrasol Curcumin® helps in reducing inflammatory cytokines, building immunity & protection against secondary infections.
  • Essential vitamins & minerals for meeting daily requirements

The Evidence

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