In India, as many as 550 million people almost half of India’s population estimated to be suffering from vision problems and correction…. The most common eye problem in people above 60 years of age – with Intra Ocular Lens (IOL) using blade-free femtosecond laser technology,” said Mahipal Sachdev (chairman of scientific committee, Intra Ocular Implant and Refractive Society of India (IIRSI) and chairman of Centre for Sight group of eye hospitals or CFS)

Eye disorders are conditions that impair the sense of vision in the eyes. Most people develop minor eye problems as they age, but these usually are resolved. Eye disorders are more severe and do not go away easily without specialist care.

Causes of Eye Disorders

The leading causes of common eye disorders are Infections, allergies, irritants and pollution in the air. Genetics, UV rays from the sun, blue light from devices like laptop and mobiles and deficiency of the Vitamins E,C,B are also known to cause eye disorders such as Cataract.

Symptoms of Eye Disorders

The following symptoms can indicate potential eye disorder:

  1. Eye pain, often severe pain.
  2. Watery/Red Eyes
  3. Blurry Vision
  4. Sudden narrowing or loss of vision
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