Bio-Av CoQ10

6 Ways to Boost Your Health!
4x Higher BioAvailable CoQ10 developed using patented Ultrasol Technology

Each film coated tablet contains: Coenzyme Q10 - 100 mg, Piper Nigrum Extract (Piperine 95%) 5 mg


One to Two tablets a day.


Male and Female Infertility Cardiovascular Health.


What is it for?

  • CoQ helps in improving oocyte quality in women having problem in getting pregnant due to ovarian aging (age>35 years) and poor ovarian reserves
  • CoQ helps those suffering from high cholesterol and cardio vascular disorders from risk of atherosclerosis (plaque formation) , heart failure and heart attacks due to its multiple mode of actions like antioxidant, vasodilation and combating side effects of cholesterol lowering medicines
  • Ultrasol CoQ10® is manufactured using patented Ultrasol Technology® which increases the bio-availability of CoQ10 by reducing its particle size & converting fat-soluble CoQ10 to water-soluble form, this allows up to 80% absorption while normal CoQ10 allows for 15-20% absorption

Benefits of Ingredients

  • CoQ10 helps in improving ovarian response in infertile women. Helps in producing energy in cells & acts as powerfull anti-oxidant, thus helping in improving oocyte and sperm quality
  • It has an antioxidant, a free radical scavenging and a vasodilator effect which may be helpful in CVD
  • It helps inhibit LDL oxidation and thus helps reverese the progression of atherosclerosis
  • It helps decrease proinflammatory cytokines and decreases blood viscosity which is helpful in patients of heart failure and coronary artery disease

The Evidence

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