Effectiveness Of Nutraceuticals

Effectiveness Of Nutraceuticals

  • 24 December, 2021
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Some Interesting Thoughts by Dr. Stephen DeFelice
The Man Who Coined the Term Nutraceutical

“If I had the power to change the industry, I would urge them as they did with DSHEA (Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994), to gather their forces together to have the NREA (Nutraceutical Research & Education Act) enacted”… This is what Dr Stephen L. DeFelice, MD, commented while speaking about his lifelong journey to make Nutraceutical recognised as a real value adding health solution! He coined the term ‘Nutraceutical’, which is now used across the world. He believed, “the best way to establish the effectiveness of a nutraceutical is in a clinical study”.

Dr Stephen DeFelice, a graduate from Temple University, MD from Jefferson Medical College, Philadelphia, an NIH fellow in endocrinology, diabetes, and metabolic disease and also a fellow in clinical pharmacology at St. Vincent Hospital along with a medical centre in New York City, introduced NREA to initiate nutraceutical clinical research! He is the founder-chairman of the Foundation for Innovation in Medicine, a non-profit organization established (in 1976) to accelerate medical discovery through more productive clinical research.

Unlike pharmaceuticals, where a drug is evaluated for its efficacy and/or safety on a standalone basis, he introduced a different concept of research design for nutraceuticals. According to him, nutraceutical compounds function in association with other nutrients / compounds of the body and not individually as a sole entity. Dr. DeFelice spent 40 years in research to unveil the behaviour of many nutraceutical compounds. ‘The Carnitine Defence’ is his most acknowledged scholarly work!

For detailed reading of his interesting thoughts, please refer to the “Interview with Dr. Stephen DeFelice” @ “Nutraceutical world” (by Sheldon Baker.10.28.11).

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