Our Evolution

Edence Life Sciences is a pure-play Nutraceutical Company, born out of a long-term vision and passion of Mr. Sanjaya Mariwala to bring Nutraceuticals to Indian consumers. He is a seasoned entrepreneur hailing from the Mariwala family, who began his journey in the food ingredient space with Kancor Ingredients, pioneers in bringing state-of-the-art technologies in India for extraction of key ingredients from their natural sources which are widely used in food & flavouring industries.

Having gained expertise in the agricultural value chain for natural products / ingredients, Mr. Mariwala founded OmniActive Health Technologies, manufacturer of technology enabled, patented and efficacious health ingredients for the healthcare and food industry. He always wanted to bring his natural product expertise to the end consumer, so in Jan 2017 he launched Omni Wellness and Nutrition – a Nutraceutical Formulation Company offering cutting-edge nutraceutical formulations designed for alleviating specific health conditions which support conventional pharmaceutical treatment for better recovery and nourishing a healthy way of life.

In December, 2020 the company was rechristened as Edence Life Sciences. The name Edence is a combination of two words ‘Eden’ from the Garden of Eden viz. a paradise of health and wellness, and ‘Evidence’. Edence Life Sciences believes strongly in the fact that “Evidence Matters”; and nutraceuticals need to be perceived having strong scientific evidence. Thus, at Edence Life Sciences, we promise a bouquet of scientifically formulated nutraceutical products which are strongly backed by clinical evidence.

Today we are stronger, resilient, and focused towards expanding in other regions of India and it is our continuous endeavour to launch innovative and efficacious formulas for a wider range of therapies where we feel there is a gap in traditional treatment.


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